Numerology is the ‘Mother Science’, as a metaphysical science it is the foundation of Astrology, Cartomancy, Human Design, I Ching, and Ifa Divination. Anything that requires numbers know that Numerology is it’s Mother!

Numerology is also known as numeromancy, arithomancy, Gematria and the ‘Rule of Nine; it is the metaphysical science of mathematic’s that is used to reveal the deeper meaning in life, the inner nature of people, place and things and is used in calculating the ‘mysteries of the world’.

Numerology combined with astrology gives you a more celestial view of your cosmic blueprint. Together you have two powerful ancient sciences that will give you the reason for your destiny. Your astro-numerology reports include Chinese, Indigenous American, Olmec-Mayan and Western Astrology.

The Year 2021 by AEON ©

2021 is the numerological year of five (2+0+2+1). Number five is the number of Fate (14/5), it represents, nonconformity, independence, freedom, adventure, travel, change, spontaneity, opportunity, risks, sensuality, magnetism and healing. Five is an elemental vibration of the air, so it is a mental number, extremely witty, intellectual, multi-talented, unique, scientific, and analytical. If your destiny number, birthday number or personal year equates to number five, the characteristic’s of five will be more heightened this year, especially in June and July which both equal 14/5. September will be a universal month of five.

The positive side of this number ensures different experiences, new idea’s, an Aquarian concern for human rights and the welfare of others, interests in the divine aspect of the higher self as well as exploring the arcane and occult side of spirituality.  This energy lends itself to travel, adventure, and exploration. It may mean moving from place to place, job to job or relationship to relationship. Despite the restrictions that the Covid-19 pandemic brings the bright energy of five endeavors to operate in optimism and celebrate life.

Never dull, five seeks to push life to it’s limits, it seeks to live life on the edge. Five energy is physical, visceral, magnetic, magical and seductive. The healing energy of five may result in miraculous recoveries and unexpected miracles.

The negative energy of five is confusion, chaos, erratic behavior, self indulgence, impulsiveness, irresponsible, unpredictable, critical, and vengeful.

The following actual words all equal the number 5 using the western Pythagorean method. Disclaimer: This numerological assessment entails specific characteristic’s of events that ‘may’ or may not occur!

The tone set by the number five for 2021 will be a constant state of change. Expect a roller coaster ride regarding finances, health, technology and the environment -59/5.

Communication connects to the fifth chakra of the throat that governs speech and many media outlets (broadcast, print and internet) will excel in propaganda.  False news =32/5, media, social, theft = 23/5; and internet hacking =77/5.

Because of Covid lockdowns social media and internet usage will continue to be high and along with that a soar in internet hacking and identify theft. Entertainment=59/5 will find more creativity in our virtual world, more group conferencing, online gaming. New social platforms=77/5 may emerge.

5G technology meets the 5th dimension meaning man made 5th generation cellular technology is designed to increase speed, and improve flexibility of wireless services connecting the internet of things. While the 5th dimension  seeks to connect gravity and electromagnetic force. It is also a spiritual concept of where thoughts, even speech cause manifestation to happen easily. The frequencies of the fifth dimension are higher than the earth. Mastery of the higher self  paired with the higher vibrations help you to travel astrally and also turn your body into light and back to physicality.  The mind yields to a different frequency that makes it able to manifest. 5G technology is a substitute for what we can evolve toward; it may be the disruptive force to keep us locked into lower chaotic technological vibrations.

Planet is number 23/5, the royal star number of the lion that brings personal and career success and favor in achieving fortune. For those born on this date or hold it in any of their core numbers you will have permanent  money and success through out your life.

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and recently made a conjunction with Saturn on December 21st 2020 of the winter solstice on 0 degrees of Aquarius. The effect of this fortunate planet known as the big benefic will be December 19, 2020 to May 13, 2021 and then July 28 to December 28, 2021. Many cite this as the Aquarian age=50/5!

Jupiter uniting with the air sign of the water bearer is a cosmic blend of an outpouring of humanitarian projects and innovative social welfare initiatives to empower us all. Many inventions may be born and funded during this period. The air sign commands mental expansion with Jupiter and open mindedness, it moves us to ‘think outside the box’. Intuition =59/5 will be heightened in association with your pineal gland=41/5.

Our attitudes and values concerning religion, racism, education, health and politics will go through change under the unique and visionary eye of number five. Social reform under the Jupiter Aquarian influence will awaken the populace that we can make the change and be the change that is needed to secure our rights from unreasonable enforcements on our freedoms. We will seek and require the truth, and five will reveal them.

Jupiter blesses us with good luck, optimism and good fortune =59/5; embrace this energy and know that all situations have a silver lining and that you do have divine favor.

The fifth card of the tarot is the Hierophant, the teacher of ‘holy things’, listen to your intuition=59/5, they are your interior teachings=95/5 and revelations=50/5. Activating the god within=113/5, becoming gods=59/5, godself=32/5  shows that you hold a divine heritage, you are a divine being having a physical experience. The 14th card in Tarot is Temperance, it’s message is balance and moderation from extremes as the flip side of five incurs risk, loss and accidents.

Number five days: 5, 14 and 23 are auspicious during the calendar year of five and you may use them to further your plans and dreams on your personal days, months and year of five as well as your birthday. Tuesday is the number 23/5, use it as well as it is fueled by Mars. Find your personal days here to plan your year: https://affinitynumerology.com/numerology-tools/personal-day-calendar.php

Avoid number five calendar days on your personal day of 8 as this energy lends itself to accidents and dangers, especially at night.

For genetic and health conditions that may concern issues that surround Covid -19 vaccines we see:

Genes=23/5, viruses – 32, Stop eating meat=41/5, bacterial infection, nerve damage, immune system, wearing masks =50/5, mutating virus, laboratory made=59/5, health challenges, genetic mutation =68/5; covid super virus, vaccine poisonings =86/5, allergic to covid vaccine =104/5.

Pandemic health challenges continue this year, showing that the corona virus has mutated and that the covid-19 vaccines may cause allergic reactions and genetic, immune and neurological changes.

Regarding the economy and finances and corporations, we are in for big changes. Expect financial changes to occur in May the fifth calendar month, also in June and July which both equal 14/5. September will be a universal month of five.

Cashless =23/5, buy gold =32/5, mortgage, economic, fraudulent, bank closures=41/5, new currency, stock market crash =59/5, monetary collapse=68/5, cyrpto currencies, unemployment increases=95/5.

Be prepared for more job losses, permanent store closures, and continued unemployment. Amid this we also see a stock market crash, bank closures and monetary collapse that may that introduce new currencies that can make our society cashless.

Apple and Merck are both 23/5 will continue to get more air time with 5G technology and covid vaccine results.  Corporate issues concerning fraud=23/5 and corruption=59/5 will be uncovered and exposed this year.

Countries holding the spotlight for this year is America=32/5, USA=5, Belize=32/5  and Saudi Arabia=41/5.

Online selling will increase, counseling, nursing and doctoral professions, science, inventions and entertainment will excel despite the depressed economic atmosphere.

Concerning the U.S. political atmosphere we see that:

Domestic violence increases=113/5, protest=32/5, uprising=50/5, sedition =41/5, civil disobedience=86/5, deep state=32/5, national guard called out =86/5. This was seen nationally on January 6, 2021 when Donald Trump rioters stormed the U.S. Capital.

Socially we see:

mental abuse=41/5, runaways=32/5, infidelity =59/5 of people trying to escape abusive situations and institutions. Other may leave by ‘going to another country’=113/5.

Race relations=59/5, earthlings=50/5 and human beings=50/5 may improve with the higher influence of the Jupiter Aquarian magnetism. It may be the universal topic of our time to empower humanity and women in particular though service to others (sos). On the other hand race relations may also hit a downward spiral before we all board the ‘love train’.

There may also be some cataclysmic events =59/5 in the environment-59/5, blackouts=23/5, deep freeze=59/5 are indicated. Other worldly events=86/5, Super Nova=41/5, and Occult Manifestations=86/5 may be witnessed in this new Aquarian Age as we are moving upward to a higher 5th dimension. The finding of strange creatures=68/5 on our planet will continue.

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