Numerology is the ‘Mother Science’, as a metaphysical science it is the foundation of Astrology, Cartomancy, Human Design, I Ching, and Ifa Divination. Anything that requires numbers know that Numerology is it’s Mother!

Numerology is also known as numeromancy, arithomancy, Gematria and the ‘Rule of Nine; it is the metaphysical science of mathematic’s that is used to reveal the deeper meaning in life, the inner nature of people, place and things and is used in calculating the ‘mysteries of the world’.

Numerology combined with astrology gives you a more celestial view of your cosmic blueprint. Together you have two powerful ancient sciences that will give you the reason for your destiny. Your astro-numerology reports include Chinese, Indigenous American, Olmec-Mayan and Western Astrology.

2023 The Universal Year of 7  – the Year of the Big Reveal

2023 is the universal year of 7 (2+0+2+3)! It is the Year of the BIG REVEAL because 7 will unveil what is secret or obscure. 7 is the Mystic Genius and the spiritual archeologist of the number family.  7 is the number of intellect, analytical ability, introspection, observation, investigation and intuition. 7 is secretive, reclusive and private by nature, and experts on human psychology. They are very independent, eccentric and aloof, introverted, intergral, efficient with great powers of concentration, studious and attracted by intelligence.

Mysterious and spiritual in a non-religious way they delve into the hidden and arcane wisdoms to find truth. 7 symbolizes humanity’s need to have inner depth, and spiritual meaning, they thrive on the esoteric and occult sciences, they are interested myth, magic, ritual as well as the supernatural & paranormal phenomena.

Those with this destiny number or born on the 7th have psychic abilities.  7 represents the last stage of the alchemical process before illumination is realized. Their cosmic journey is to integrate arcane wisdoms to spiritual applications.

What it means for the year is developing and resolving issues of self worth, spiritual direction and understanding your destiny. It is about education, scientific & medical discoveries & research that can also cover archeology, physic’s, cosmology, secret service, criminal investagations, and employment. For those of you in a 7 personal year, born on the 7th day and also have a 7 destiny and life path number. If you are also ages: 16, 25, 34,43,52 & 61; this will be a year for you to deal with your personal issues, identifying and slaying hidden demons and perform inner spiritual work. Cleansing, clarity and direction will be the result of your inner work.


There will be a MONETARY CRASH – 61/7 this year affecting the economy, jobs and companies. REAL ESTATE – 34/7 and CRYPTO will continue to see a downturn. Certian companies: 3M -7, AMAZON & WALMART-25/7; BOEING , GOOGLE, METLIFE -34/7, KRAFT FOODS, CISCO SYSTEMS-43/7, EXXON MOBILE, FORD MOTOR, CATEPLIIAR-52/7, AMERISOURCE BERGEN UNITED TECHNOLOGIES-88 /7 may have face financial difficulties. Profiteers arise from high corporate positions such as WHITE COLLAR CRIMINAL – 97/7. Watch for CALIFORNIA 52/7 and or TENNESSEE -34/7 with economic fallout and or civil unrest.

We will continue to support UKRAINE- 34/7 in this proxy war with Russia.

We may experience a CIVIL WAR -43/7 and MOB VIOLENCE -52/7 can occur due to a FOOD SHORTAGE and WATER SHORTAGE (both)-61/7. So be prepared for this and make preparations with family and friends. Work with your NEIGHBORS -52/7. More people will end up as MISSING PERSONS – 70/7.

Continued changes during this period of Kali Yuga will show more Earth Change activities: FLOOD- 25/7, BIG FLOOD -43/7, HAILSTORM -43/7, BIG CATACLYSM -43/7 and BIG HURRICANE -70/7, WINTER BLIZZARD – 79/7,  are to be expected this year. MERCURY RETROGRADE -97/7.

Health issues prominent for this year are: COVID VIRUS – 52/7, RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS -106/7 and RESPIRATORY INFECTION – 115/7. People will become increasingly MENTALLY UNSTABLE – 43/7.

Expect your PARANORMAL POWERS -79/7 , PSYCHIC ABILITIES -79/7, and UNUSUAL EXPERIENCES – 79/7 to be common in 2023. Visitations by CELESTIAL BEINGS -34/7 are also forseen. Other will be able to access the FIFTH DIMENSION – 79/7.

It is a year for WOMEN -25/7 and for her to walk in the power of her FEMININITY -61/7. Also the MOTHER – 34/7, and EXPECTANT MOTHER – 70/7. Women will have more PARANORMAL POWERS -79/7 , PSYCHIC ABILITIES -79/7 this year. Many can end up as MISSING PERSONS – 70/7. Avoid going out at night alone or living with an abuser.

More UFOS -16/7, UFO ACTIVITY -52/7, EXTRATERRESTRIALS -79/7 will be seen. ALIEN ATTACK 34/7 from an ALIEN RACE or ALIEN GODS -43/7 may be an SIMULATED ATTACK -43/7.


This 7 year is significant for Libra’s, especially in business connections with Cancers, look for a wonderful spiritual alliance and productive endeavors. Libra, the sign of the scales is a cardinal (leader) air sign of the zodiac, which gives you superior intellect and analyzing abilities. Libra seeks balance and harmony. Libra and number 7 relates to the ‘Intellectual Deep Thinker’. Venus is the ruling planet of Libra, the planet of Love so it adds charm and magnetism to the cerebral energy of 7. Though 7s secretive, are known as loners the planet Venus also makes them lovers. Libras are the diplomats of the Zodiac. The Libra 7 archetype perceives the world through intellect and tend to be very judicial. Skilled at communicating, they are good at resolving conflicts by compromising, with good perception and observation. In marriage, they look for a union of the minds.


7th month will be the universal month of 5, JULY – 14/5, represents a double 5 energy and it can represent issues around travel risk, visa’s, passports, borders closings. Government policies and changes may cause adverse societal unrest. It may also go deeper into banking and investments to physical catastrophes. Have a survival plan and preparedness goods available. Also the universal month of 7 is in September.


Uranus is the 7th planet from the sun. Uranus rules over the sign of Aquarius. Uranus is innovative, original, ingenious and inventive. Having an epiphany is an Urainian experience.  Uranus influence includes humanitarianism, futuristic inventions, unconventionalism, and eccentricism. Each explores the mysteries of Life and serve as sources of inspiration and insight. Uranus is often associated with revolutions. It is the harbinger of sudden and unpredictable events and electric and lightning in its effect.

Watch for government and society challenges and changes because July will be in the universal month of 5, the number of nonconformity, risk and surprises.


The 7th chakra or Crown chakra is known in Egypt as the Ikh Aritu, in India it is called ‘Sahasrara’ the chakra of pure consciousness which means the thousand petaled lotus. It is known as the center of spirituality and enlightenment, associated with intuitive knowing, and connects you to higher spiritual realms. It’s color is purple or white, the element is water, planet is Uranus, metal is tin and gold, the gemstone is the diamond, crystal quartz or amethyst. It is related to the brain and the nervous system.

The opening of the ‘Seventh Seal’ as prophesied in the book of Revelations corresponds to the opening of seventh chakra, the receiving of Light upon the Crown of Kether, positioned at the top of the ‘Tree of Life’. Representing the bringing together of human evolution with Higher Evolution, the human race with the Higher Races.


A prince stands in a chariot harnessed by two sphinxes, black and white. One sphinx represents mercy, the other severity. The sphnix represent the opposite principles of masculine and feminine, he is the reconciler and has the ability to keep both in balance by the Will. This card respresents triumph – victory through self disclipline, preparation and foresight. You must learn to see ahead and prepare to have success. Being a Prince is claiming your royal stature, driving your chariot is having self mastery and victory over all area’s of your life. The 7th tarot card is the Charioteer, the Prince, the Navigator; he is prepared for battle and makes wise strategies of engagement in his mind.


7 is not a ‘relationship’ vibration, it a loner vibration that seeks to look within. It is a time to evaluate and analyze your relationships, define what your needs are, what is it that you want to change and have not voiced.  Seek to spiritually elevate your partnerships by doing things together to help you bond and grow. Couples can be more psychic and intuitive Loving making also should be more elevated, learning to understand tantra and kama sutra ensures a new way of connecting with each other. Conversations may tend to entertain metaphysical material, books, video’s, historical discoveries. Look for ways to empower one another and maintain harmony. A prophesied  or prayed for pregnancy may occur this year.

Surprising secrets and deceptions concerning your past or that of your significant other my surface or fall out the closet. Try to understand and be discerning before reacting.


2023, the Universal Year of 7 is about navigating between your faith and your fear. You will be tested to know what is the predominant vibration you are operating in. Tests define your character and you will have to discern your inner reality from external illusion. Tests define your character and you will have to discern your inner reality from external illusion.

This will be a highly spiritual year, especially for those with 7 as a birthdate, destiny, personal year or age adding to 7.  Paranormal phenomena, telepathy and clairvoyance will be greatly enhanced, trust yourself and your powers. Move in the ‘flow of spirit’ with the number 7. Ancestors will speak to you if you are open to hear. There is the desire to get on a disciplined spiritual path of study and application, the dedication will be will have huge benefits. Time to walk in your spiritual authority, remember also your spiritual armour!

This is a time where you can hear from spirit and cultivate your divinity. This year you will either become NEO or stay Thomas Anderson. You can walk this Matrix and not get caught in it’s illusions or you can walk it as a slave. Know that you signed up for understanding what is real for you and not real. This is a time where you can hear from spirit and cultivate your divinity. This year you will either become NEO or stay Thomas Anderson. You can walk this Matrix and not get caught in it’s illusions or you can walk it as a slave. Know that you signed up for understanding what is real for you and not real.This is a time where you can hear from spirit and cultivate your divinity. This year you will either become NEO or stay Thomas Anderson. You can walk this Matrix and not get caught in it’s illusions or you can walk it as a slave. Know that you signed up for understanding what is real for you and not real.

7 is the head, the brain, the MASTER MIND, the master computer cpu and whatever you believe is what you will attract. You will see and hear of many things that are both good and detrimental as a part of your testing, but you call the shots.


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