Numerology is the ‘Mother Science’, as a metaphysical science it is the foundation of Astrology, Cartomancy, Human Design, I Ching, and Ifa Divination. Anything that requires numbers know that Numerology is it’s Mother!

Numerology is also known as numeromancy, arithomancy, Gematria and the ‘Rule of Nine; it is the metaphysical science of mathematic’s that is used to reveal the deeper meaning in life, the inner nature of people, place and things and is used in calculating the ‘mysteries of the world’.

Numerology combined with astrology gives you a more celestial view of your cosmic blueprint. Together you have two powerful ancient sciences that will give you the reason for your destiny. Your astro-numerology reports include Chinese, Indigenous American, Olmec-Mayan and Western Astrology.

Numerology Explains the Russo-Ukrainian War

By the numbers Russia= 24(2+4)/6 was set to go to War=15(1+5)/6 in a 6 universal year (2+0+2+2). Russian President Putin is now 69(6+9=15, 1+5)/6 years old, he’ll be in a 6 personal year on Oct 7, which is his birthday. The war with Russian and Ukraine began on February =33/6 on the 24th/6  day in 2022/6. It is interesting how ALL the numbers add up. September is a 6 universal month by adding the 9th month + 6 universal year (2022).

As for President Putin, he was born Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin which reveals his destiny number as 142 which adds up to 7. His birthday 10/7/1952 equals 25 which is another 7, notice he is born on the 7th day. Next month on October 7th, Putin will be 70 years old and enter his 7th personal year. Alot of 7’s means he’ll be pretty much reclusive. Seven is not only a number of genius, intelligence and mysticism; it also entails military strategy, secrecy, stealth, and hidden agenda’s.  © AEON 9/23/2022


Numerology Explains the Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Numerology helps to explain the passing of Queen Elizabeth II (officially Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of her other realms and territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, and Defender of the Faith).

Numerology shows that Queen Elizabeth’s II birth name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor; her Destiny number totals 138 equaling 3 – the number of the ‘Great Communicator’. Born on April 21(3), 1926, her life path number 25 that totals to 7 – the number of ‘Mystic Genius’.

There are a number 7’s of note; the queen died at 4:30 pm equals 7, her name Elizabeth equals 43/7, her karmic debt number is 16/7. Number seven is a number of mysticism, secrets, magic, high knowledge, intellect, and hermetically introspective. She came to power at age 25 another 7 and reigned 70 years!

Queen Elizabeth II passed away on 9/8/2022 which totals to number 23 – which is the Royal Star of the Lion.  Her 9th cycle and 9th month of September on an 8-day are strong vibrations that culminate in endings. The Queen was aged 96/15/6 which is a 6 vibration that corresponded to our current year of 2022/ 6, another 6; more over September vibrates to the universal number of 6! The Queen’s Destiny number is 3, she was born on the 21st and her personal month is also a 3. It all adds up! © AEON 9/9/2022