Earth Star Wisdoms


Royal Star Numbers of the Earth are comprised of 4 numbers: 23, 37,51 & 65.  The difference between all of them is number 14: 23+14=37, 37+14=51, 51+14=65. You may find these royal star numbers in your core numbers. The Royal Star Numbers you find in your chart add a special definition to your destiny.

23 is the Royal Star of the Lion

This is a karmic reward number. 23 bestows, not only a promise of success in personal and career endeavors, it guarantees help from spiritual hierarchy and protection from those in high places. It’s a most fortunate number possessed by the person that owns it. It is a number of valor in which fortune favors the brave. You will do excellent in business. If your date of birth supports your name number you will reach to great heights by the age of 41. This number gives you permanent success, money and fame which remains with you throughout your life. The ultimate number for politicians to defeat their opponents easily.

Number 37 is known as the Royal Star of the Bull

It indicates fortune, fame, leadership, marital happiness and spiritual power. Also called Royal Star of the Bull. This number is also good for making millionaires and fame together with great love and romantic relationships.

Number 51 is known as the Royal Star of the Waterman or star of Man:

It is one of the most powerful numbers of the 6 series. Those whose names vibrate to this powerful number start from a humble origin and advance to unimaginable heights. They have an abundance of energy and are able to work for very long hours, get less sleep but speedily progress to their goals. It is a very fortunate number. This number denotes sudden jump to riches and fame, from rags to riches. They are gifted with physical and psychic strength.

Number 65 is the Royal Star of the Adjudicator, also known as the Royal star of Earth.

It represents one who has favor in government, a karmic number of reward and recognition, a protective force that acquires monetary gain through service to others.  An altruistic and zealous number of justice. The auspicious and fortunate number and it consist of energy from three planets; Venus, Mercury & Moon. It has the power to confer wealth and stardom to one. They are blessed with attractive physique but are prone to accidents or danger threats to their body.

star prime is a star number that is prime. The first few star primes (sequence A083577 in the OEIS) are 13, 37, 73, 181, 337, 433, 541, 661, 937. The term “star number” or “stellate number” is occasionally used to refer to octagonal numbers.

The nth star number is given by the formula Sn = 6n(n − 1) + 1. The first 43 star numbers are

1133773121181253, 337, 433, 541, 661, 793, 937, 1093, 1261, 1441, 1633, 1837, 2053, 2281, 2521, 2773, 3037, 3313, 3601, 3901, 4213, 4537, 4873, 5221, 5581, 5953, 6337, 6733, 7141, 7561, 7993, 8437, 8893, 9361, 9841, 10333, 10837 (sequence A003154 in the OEIS).

The digital root of a star number is always 1 or 4, and progresses in the sequence 1, 4, 1. The last two digits of a star number in base 10 are always 01, 13, 21, 33, 37, 41, 53, 61, 73, 81, or 93.

Unique among the star numbers is 35113, since its prime factors (i.e. 13, 37 and 73) are also consecutive star numbers.