AEON is a spiritual adviser, back ground actress, screenwriter and Author of a book of Poetry entitled “The Oracle: The Voice of Visionary Poetry” (under Carmen Stevenson). Her new ebook DNA Code Numerology is under AEON. She is also a graphic artist, entrepreneur and Master Astro – Numerologist.

She is the First Numerologist to Decode romantic relationships as Karmic, Soul Mates or Twin Flames. The first numerologist to offer reports as flipbooks, the first numerologist to create Number Wear.

AEON has aired on many internet radio shows. She has aired on “Gary the Numbers Guy” radio show in Febuary 2011. Gary Max, an astute sports numerologist that has been on Glen Beck and Michael Savage shows.

AEON has also aired on Y.U.L radio, a show that regularly interviews celebrities. She is followed on Twitter by Pam Grier and Billionaire Magazine!

She has done astro-numerology reports for Sole, (Tonya Johnson) singer/actress formerly married to the singer Geniune now married to Professor Griff of Public Enemy. She has completed several reports for Prince Randy Alam Sogan a Prince of Dahomey aka Benin and entrepreneur of Black Lion Holdings Group, a Pan-African Investment Advisory Firm; Nikki Robinson former actress of Chicagoliscious and Yoga adept featured in Ebony magazine 2014; Makakuvue Ali El Bey a high priest of the Zulu Nation, under Afrika Bambaataa; Urban legend Sophia Stewart author of the Matrix movie franchise; Gano Grills spiritual guru of Galighticus; Phil Moreland of Know-the-Ledge internet radio as the ‘Blue Pill’. She has taught classes to Queen Afua’s Wellness Institute women initiates in Nutritional and Fertility Numerology.

AEON has conducted teleconferences and Bookstore Workshops on various numerological subject matters.

My Spiritual Mission to You:

I am commissioned to assist you in the spiritual mastery of your soul’s evolution. I use Numerology and Astrology as a ‘Cosmic science’ that will give you revelations about yourself. It will answer questions about your love life and relationships, health concerns, business, career path and much more. Both numerology and astrology will clarify concerns with your finances and how your challenges, karmic lessons and debts may be a contributing factor in having material success in life and how it can impact your relationships.

Love and money are the two most important components of life. Numerology is able to tap into your personal vibratory codes to show you a comprehensive cosmic blueprint on how to maximize the numbers given you and how to utilize your number frequencies to it’s fullest capacity to attract your heart’s desire.

I offer a professional name analysis with suggestions that may provide the fortune or fame that you seek. It may alleviate the issues in your numerical blueprint. It is not a ‘guarantee’ that your future will be worry free or that you will be successful. I recommend certain talismans, color, and gemstones aligned with your numerical blueprint to aid in the improvement of your life. I do not ‘sugar coat’ any of the truth’s seen in your consultation or report and offer remedy to aid in your wholeness.

What I offer you is ALL of my spiritual revelations and intuitive insights to aid you in the Self Mastery of your total Evolution as a Divine Being. I am honored that you would choose me in the unveiling of the wonderful Uniqueness that is You!

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