Number Wear

AEON Inspirational Number Wear was conceived to give the wearer the ability to amplify the energy of their cosmic numerical blueprint aligned with the higher frequencies of their own vibrations; they reveal the Earth Contract you came here to fulfill.  Numbers are universal sigils, they represent ‘powers’ that are activated through our intentions.

Some of you came with certain Earth contracts as Master Numbers to help raise the evolution of humanity as 11’s, 22’s and 33’s. Others came as prime numbers: 2,3,5,7 to specialize in the unique talents of verbal and mental mastery, the power numbers of 1, 6,8 and 9 were given to cover the exoteric mastery of power, authority, protection and provision. All numbers cover the unique element and astrologic positions of our makeup. Numbers are literally the akasktic record of our DNA. AEON Inspirational Number Wear is unique, visionary and ‘iconic’. You are receiving an original concepts and products not produced anywhere!