360 Numerology Report

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The 360 Report is your Astro-Numerology personal transcript that contains your destiny (earth contract), lifepath and core numbers. It also highlights your cosmic identity through astrology. It may contain 100 pages more or less and is considered a Book of Your Life! Please read description for submitting your information for this report.


The 360 Report gives you an in depth look at who you are and what you came here to do through your destiny number vibration aka your Earth Contract. Your talent and skill set known as the life path number are also reviewed. Metaphysical elements such as the tarot, chakra’s, planets are woven in your report to deepen your understanding of your destiny and life path numbers.

Actual words are used based on your number vibration to describe your higher and lower attributes, career path, auspicious days, months, countries, colors, gemstones, talismans, animal totems, food, and health dispositions.

You are also given your karmic lessons and karmic debts – contracts you were given as lessons you came to learn.

You will also receive your Chinese, Native American, Olmec and your Western astrology chart with all your houses, planets and transits aligned to numerology.

The report resembles a book of your life. You will receive this as an Word Document via email.

Fill out the PayPal Notes Section with your full name as it appears on your birth certificate and your birth date. Or send info to All information is kept private and is never resold.


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