Golden Circle Number Eleven T-Shirt


This Golden Circle Number Thirty Three T-Shirt is 100% cotton, comes in both genders and in most sizes.

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If all the letters in your name add up to 11 or 29, then you are master number eleven!

The number Eleven is a “master” number in numerology because the vibratory rate of 1 is doubled in its power, representing rare and exceptional energy. It is a number of enlightenment and intuition. 11’s are sensitive to vibrational frequencies, and are known to be chanellers and mediums, they have prophetic talent and spiritual vision. They are reflective, thoughtful souls, magnetic, charming, artistically talented and may end up famous. 11’s have an interest in holistic healing, metaphysic’s, public service and are generally humanitarian. Embarrassing intimate public revelations, head in the clouds, phobia’s.



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