Golden Circle Number Six T-Shirt


This Golden Circle Number Six T-Shirt is 100% cotton, comes in both genders and comes in most sizes.

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If your name adds up to 15, and 24 your destiny number is 6!

6 is the Hexad, the number of the Romantic, it stands for Love, family and community service. It is the number that protects, provides and nurtures. It loves beauty and harmony in all expressions. Generally a very affectionate vibration they may take on the burden of others unnecessarily. Loyal, diplomatic and compassionate, they have an eye for business endeavors and a talent for making money as they need money to be providers. They can be psychic and artistic, many possess talents as musicians and singers. 6 can come across as an arm chair philosopher as they are innate teachers, counselors and educators – there advice however should be heeded.



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