AEON has four numerology reports for you to choose from. The Gnosis Report is a basic report and gives insight on your destiny earth contract, karma lessons/debts, love, health, and money cycles.

The Children’s Report gives you insight about the child you were given to raise, highlights their destiny, talents, and strengths, explores the type of occupations, careers in harmony with the vibration of your child. Certain colors, gemstones and talisman’s that brings protection and good fortune are explored.

The Relationship Report is for couples who desire to see what their destiny holds together. AEON is the first astro-numerologist that has defined relationships as soulmates, twin flame or karmic designations. It provides a wealth of knowledge and inside information that borders on psychic intuition. Couples can choose between a numerology report or astro-numerology report.

The 360 Report is an exhaustive numerology report that combines four different astrology aspects: Chinese, Mayan – Olmec, Indigenous American and Western. The report is literally a book about your life and contains detailed information on your love, health and wealth cycles, time of birth, city and state, cartomancy sign and much much more!

Reports for Muslims or Moorish Nobles will come with the Islamic Calendar year of your birth as well as your personal years. Reports using the Gregorian Calendar reflect the CCY: Christian calendar year. Get a report for yourself or loved ones!