Seshat, Mother of Numerology

The Egyptian Goddess Seshat was the first Ennumerator, she was married to Djehuty (Thoth) god of Wisdom. Seshat is shown holding a palm stem bearing notches to show the recording of the passage of time. She invented writing, as her name literally translates as “The Female Scribe” and record keeper; it was Djehuty that taught writing to mankind.  Egyptian numerology is known as Rheket.

Sheshat is a Magician, as is Auset (Isis). Seshat bore the title ‘Egyptian Fairy Godmother’ because her magic wand was the seven pointed star that she wore in a head band over her head; it was a symbol that represented the source of all creative idea’s and consciousness. Seshat is the goddess of architecture, astronomy, and mathematics. She was known as the Great Lady of the House of Books, Lady of Architects building and surveying.

It is always the Feminine Principle that gives birth to all known origin. For we are the original GOD (generator, operator and destroyer). The Divine Feminine is the gateway for all existence, without us there can be no life, no manifestation and no civilization… WE ARE THE GATEWAY FOR ALL THAT IS.