Spiritual Numerology

by AEON 2013 © All Rights Reserved.

1 is a spiritual number of Initiation because it commands it’s reality much like the Magician in the first card of the Major Arcana, as it represents Self Mastery.

1 manifests through it’s will as it’s represented by the fiery sun, the Kundalini energy that ignites from the Root chakra and also Mercury the first planet from the sun and the messenger of the gods.

1 stands alone in it’s wholeness and represents unity and singularity of purpose. It represents the realization of Divinity when one embraces the I AM.

2 is a spiritual number of Harmony because it looks to merge polarity through the law of opposites. 2s intuitive and empathic nature is aligned with the High Priestess, the second Tarot of the Major Arcana who is the teacher of secret wisdom’s and archaic knowledge.

2 manifests it’s powerful perception and sensitivity through the magnetic pull of the moon and it’s fertile and creative attractiveness from the sacral chakra that belongs to the second planet of the sun Venus, who was also known as the goddess of love.

2 draws it’s spiritual power by embracing the dark-light, yin-yang aspect of receptivity as it embraces all aspects of self. 2 renders service to others in a selfless dance of divine fulfillment.

3 is a spiritual number of Communication and Creation because it’s nature is to expand and express itself in all forms. 3 associates itself with the Empress, the third card in the Major Arcana that represent s fertile abundance and the pleasures of life.

3s manifest it’s spirituality through it’s good luck and favor as it is believed that 3 was aligned with Jupiter, the big benefic planet of Fortune when in fact it Earth who is the 3rd planet from the sun that it reaps it’s growth and prosperity. The third chakra is the solar plexus and reaches into the navel of the earth, thus 3 is sensitive and feels deeply, which is why it lives authentically.

3s draws it’s spiritual essence from their ‘gut instinct’, their feelings are the confirmations of their intuitions. They create their realities through speech and feeling.

4 is a spiritual number of Construction and Foundation because it is a building energy of an architect. It builds as part of an inherent framework of organization and stability. In the 4th Tarot card of the Major Arcana is the Emperor, the stoic ruler of the material realm.

4s spirituality is connected to all aspects of nature; as it represents the 4 seasons, the 4 lunar phases and the 4 great regions of the day. It is a grounded number that is earthy and knows that every lifeform has a spirit. 4 manifests its spirituality as a designer of manifestation by constructing it’s reality. The 4th planet from the sun is Mars, it gives 4 the passion and drive to shape the physical realm. It is connected with the 4th chakra of the that holds the home in it’s heart.

4 draws it’s spiritual powers from all the elements of nature.

5 is a spiritual number of freedom and magnetism. It spontaneous and healing and represents the Hierophant in the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the teacher of spiritual knowledge and holy things.

5s spirituality is connected to the miraculous spontaniety of the law of exceptions. It is an eclectic air vibration that is connected with the 5th chakra of the throat over speech and sound. 5 is connected with the planet Jupiter a planet of exspansion, wisdom, astral travel, intuition, spiritual vision and good fortune. 5 holds sway over the 5 senses and is primary sensual. 

5 draws it spirituality from it’s reservoir of epiphanies and the sensual connectiveness to the divine.

6 is a spiritual number because is psychic and loving.  6 is a nurturing and provisionary energy because it symbolizers the Lovers in the Major Arcana of Tarot. Love represents the law of attraction and redemption.

6s spirituality is tied into it’s psychic awareness that is associated with the 6th chakra of the 3rd eye. The 6th planet from the sun is Saturn, the parental disciplinarian. The wisdom of Saturn is the karmic understanding of your life lessons as 6 is the philosopher that carries the ‘vision’ to walk in wisdom.

6 draws it spirituality from it’s ability to service others, as 6 is the number of marriage and family. Love is the unitive power that constructs all lifeforms.

7 is a spiritual number because it is occult and mysterious, it is known as the spiritual archeologist and is represented by the Charioteer in the Tarot Major Arcana. 7 is a mental warrior that uses his mind strategically.

7s spirituality is connected the understanding the ‘gnosis of life’ is esoteric and not superficial. The 7th chakra is the crown chakra of illumination and enlightenment. The 7th planet from the sun is the planet Uranus, a eclectic planet of freedom and vacillation and from whence the spontaneous and miraculous occurs.  experiences linked to the 7s ability to unearth arcane knowledge.

7 draws its spirituality from deep within the resources of their mystical curious minds.

8 is a spiritual number because it is powerful and represents prosperity. 8 is the Strength card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. It about subduing the beast of the lower self to become a god.

8s spirituality is connected the cosmic 8th chakra of divine love. The 8th planet from the sun is Neptune which is associated with psychic experience, sensitivity, and altered states of consciousness. It wants you to turn things upside down and break through illusions.

8 draws it’s spirituality by being a Phoenix that dies and is reborn.

9 is a spiritual number because it is humanitarian and self sacrificing. Is a service to other vibration that represents divine wisdom. The 9th card in the Tarot Major Arcana is the Hermit who finds the light of illumination from within.

9s spirituality is connected to it’s role as a warrior and patriot as it is associated with Pluto the 9th planet from the sun  that represents death and transformation.

9 draws it spiritual treasure from the well of it’s universal heart.