Wealth Cycles

In numerology the number eight is considered to be a number of wealth, status and power. Those born with the number eight (8, 17, 26) as their birth day, destiny, life path number, and personality number were born to bring wealth in their reality.

Eight is a money number and brings ‘good luck’ according to the Chinese. The number eight brings opportunity to find employment, get a promotion or raise. It is entrepreneurial imbued with energy is to lead, many CEO’s, Managers, Supervisers and business owners have an eight somewhere in their core numbers.

Certain years add up to the number eight such as 1961, 1970, 1988, 1997, 2006, 2015, 2024. These are calendar year wealth cycles and if you have eight anywhere in your core numbers expect a ‘double portion’ of opportunities, resources, favor and gain in your life. If you do not have an eight an any of your core numbers you will have eight personal years, months and days to work with.

Certain days in combination with number five will yield the following incidents.

An eight personal year/month/day on a one calendar day /month/year brings opportunity to open a business, make investments, seek employment, ask for a raise or promotion.

An eight personal year/month/day on a two calendar day /month/year brings opportunity to engage in business partnerships, deal with lawsuits, settlements and mediation positively, seek financial advice, review finances.

An eight personal year/month/day on a three calendar day /month/year brings opportunity to network socially in an mutual business related environment, Great for advertising and marketing your business, for promoting business visibility and speaking engagements.

An eight personal year/month/day on a four calendar day /month/year brings the ability invest buy real estate, invest in commercial real estate, make improvements in your property’s value; like landscaping your front or backyard.

An eight personal year/month/day on a five calendar day /month/year brings opportunity of favor, fortune and luck in gambling, unexpected windfalls or checks. Your personal magnetism is very high to be a convincing salesperson, you are great are selling your idea’s and people catch your vibe. Watch for reversals of fortune on unsound decisions.

An eight personal year/month/day on a six calendar day /month/year brings the desire to invest in artistic pursuits, such as buy a guitar, saxophone, painting canvas, jewelry making, etc. It is a great energy to engage the public with your talents at trade shows, state fairs, local and national exhibits. Great for opening a new restaurant and also to be philanthropic.

An eight personal year/month/day on a seven calendar day /month/year brings the desire to rest and getaway to think, analyze, and come up with new inspirational ways to create income or add value to your business.

An eight personal year/month/day on a eight calendar day /month/year brings the desire to work hard, introduce a new business, market, advertise, toot your horn on your achievements, be the center of attention. Get a raise, realize or promotion.

An eight personal year/month/day on a nine calendar day /month/year brings recognition, achievement, success in affairs, completion of projects, financial gain and reward. Favor in endeavors.

The Second and Tenth house in Astrology

In astrology your second house is the house of finance, should any of the earth signs (Virgo, Capricorn) particularly Taurus occupy your second house of finance it is a well aspected financial asset as it helps to materialize your financial goals. Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac.

Water , Fire and Air signs that are cardinals such as Cancer, Libra, and Aries are also a fortunate placement in realizing your money goals.

Your tenth house is your house of career, like numerology it represents your destiny, what you came here to do and accomplish. Depending on your sun sign your tenth house will also have a sign that occupies it and signifies the type of work you resonate to.

An example is your sun sign is Aquarius and your tenth house is in Capricorn. Aquarius is ruled by unpredictable, eclectic, uniquely creative Uranus and Capricorn is ruled by the stern, serious, hard working planet Saturn. Your employment is to build wealth, and that through a creative invention inspired by Aquarius. You are meant to be the captain of your own ship highlighted by creative genius.

Prosperity Planets: Jupiter and Venus

Jupiter is known as the big benefic, the planet of fortune, abundance, expansion and good luck. Jupiter is over the sign of Sagittarius. Venus is also know as the lesser benefic and is a planet known for love, beauty, desire and money. it rules over Taurus and Libra.

When Jupiter is in your sign it expect more opportunities coming your way, unexpected windfalls, financial increase, resources, favor, growth, pregnancy and even wealth. Jupiter is currently in the sign of Sagittarius for 2019, which started on November 18, 2018. It will end on Dec. 2nd, 2019, which will go to Sagittarius 2nd house of finances. This Jupiter transit last every 12 years.

When Venus is in your sign expect more attraction and attention coming from the opposite, heightened sensuality, marriage, relationships, material acquisition, luxury and financial opportunities. Venus is currently transiting Taurus through June 9, moving into Gemini and on to Cancer July 9. It transits the signs every 25 days.

Use both the number eight and the planets Jupiter and Venus as a science to enhance your wealth cycles.

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